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Nate & Jamie

Favourite Web Ensemble

Screen Nation Digital Is Media Awards 2018

Talia Versus

Selected into Oscar Qualifying Film Festival - American Black Film Festival 2021

Best Web Series

Best Web Series Pilot 

Best Director

Black Web Fest 2021 

Beyond The Curve Festival 2021

Andromeda Film Festival 2021

Black Man Stand

Best Documentary

London Short Series Festival 2019

Mnemsoyn: Resolution Service

Best Colourist For Misha Kim 

Best Film 

Jury Special Award

Best Science Fiction 

Wolverhampton Film Festival 2022

LA Sci-Fi Film Festival 2021

The Gladiator Film Festival 2021

Toronto International Women Festival 2021

The Agency

Jury Special Selection

Andromeda Film Festival 2021


Favourite Web Series Actress - Abbie Samuel

Best Web Series Pilot 

Screen Nation Digital Is Media Awards 2019

Royal Wolf Film Awards 2018


Outstanding Short Film 

Fan Favourite World Showcase 

Best International Film

Black Reel Awards 2022

American Black Film Festival 2021

Wadadli Short Film Festival 2019

Hi John

Best Score

Best Action/Crime

Diversity in Cannes Showcase 2021
Reale Film Festival - Monthly Awards 2021


Best Web Series Pilot

Beyond The Curve International Film Festival 2022

Sunday Dinner

M&Ms Fun'd Winner - Best Film

Awards: Awards
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