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Kashif Boothe

Company Director

Born and raised in South London. Kashif has been working in the Media industry for ten years in TV, Film, Media operations and Advertising. At ITV, Discovery Channel, Channel 4, VCCP and Jamie Oliver Ltd. 
Kashif is a Independent filmmaker and produces short films and web series under his production company Kashif Boothe Entertainment. He is best known for his award-winning web series Nate & Jamie which won Favourite Web Ensemble at the Screen Nation Awards in 2018, the web series he executive produced, Talia Versus was commissioned by Channel 4 and the short film Black Man Stand which won Best Documentary at the London Short Series Festival 2019.

In 2023 he produced the award winning M&Ms Fun'd FilmsYouWanttosee short film "Sunday Dinner" available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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